The Benefits of Reiki During Pregnancy

While I cherish all my clients, I hold a particularly special place in my heart for prenatal and pediatric. Babies, inside or outside the womb, love Reiki. They respond immediately to the touch of the Reiki practitioner’s warm hand. It is an incredible feeling to be administering Reiki and feel the baby moving and kicking as if to say, ‘Give me more, please’. Each time, I’m like a kid in a candy store on Christmas morning. Reiki is safe throughout pregnancy and the delivery process. Its’ benefits extend to both mom and baby. While working all seven chakras during a Reiki session, there are a couple of chakras I give particular attention:

Third Eye-Between the brown. Governs the pineal gland, brain,eyes, ears and nose. Intuition, extrasensory perception and psychic abilities.

Solar Plexus-Below the rib cage. Stomach, liver, pancreas. Willpower,self respect, self confidence

Sacral-Sits below the belly button (navel). Regulates our reproductive organs, kidneys,adrenals, bladder and lymphatic system. Emotions are also seated in the sacral.

It has been my experience that imbalanced energy tends to sit in the above mentioned chakras. During the treatment process, administering additional Reiki along with other tools such as crystals, sound and guided imagery allow the client to have a more complete healing experience.

Women who are pregnant for the first time often display new pregnancy jitters. They are both ecstatic yet at times, feel they are traveling into the unknown. In the first trimester of pregnancy, the most common complaints are morning sickness and fatigue. The stress this places on the body can cause imbalance to mom and baby. Reiki can provide assistance in calming feelings of nausea and tiredness. During the second trimester is when women report that any morning sickness has subsided, and they are noticing an upsurge in their energy levels. Once they move into the third trimester, some of the aches and discomforts along with fatigue may return. I find that administering Reiki to areas such as low back, hips, knees and ankles provide extra relief. Swelling can occur, and the joints overall seem to take on more with the ever changing pregnancy body. Releasing the energy that has pooled reduces swelling and allows more flexibility and ease of movement. One client came in with swelling in her ankles. She was unable to wear new orleans pelicans t shirt and was quite uncomfortable ( she used the word miserable).

As part of her Reiki session, I placed extra focus on her joints. I followed up with her 2 days later, and she reported that her swelling had all but gone, and was back to wearing her favorite new orleans pelicans t shirt . As we near ‘D day’, women will come in more frequently for Reiki sessions. They are becoming anxious about delivering, and are ready to meet their bundle of joy.

Because I’m based in a chiropractic setting, we’ve had many moms come in for their adjustment, a Reiki session and soon after labor begins. Reiki can help smooth over any anxieties and provide a reduction in low back and pelvic pains. Also, labor time is reduced. For women who have had multiple pregnancies, Reiki provides relief at home when dealing with other family members. They are not as stressed or irritable.

One of my clients came to see me for Reiki during her pregnancy with her sixth child. A military wife, her husband was serving overseas. Her consistent Reiki sessions gave her increased inner peace. She was also able to manage things at home with more focus and patience. I often say that if you are on your second or more pregnancy, your connection to that child will be different. The bond between mom and baby is extra special and unique. Now, I am not stating that the mother is going to favor this child over the others. In my experience, I find that when babies receive Reiki in the womb, it’s as if both share a special, little secret. Once baby arrives, and the mother experiences first hand what I meant, she wishes she knew about Reiki sooner!

I’d like to point out that Reiki is also beneficial for expectant fathers. Having Mom, Dad & Baby absorbing all the Love & Light is surely a winning combination!

Blessed Be!

write by Orborne

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