How Can We Increase Innovation and Bring it to Fruition Faster?

Communication is the key to innovation, and much can be said for collaboration on new ideas, concepts, and the brain storming process. So, what if we could speed this process up, rather than emails, group meetings, and such, what if we could thought-swap instead? In the future, surely this will be possible right, I mean to say we’ve come a long way from the radio and telephone to cell phones, internet, Twitter, and today’s SmartPhones.

Not long ago, an acquaintance asked me a very interesting question along this line of thinking; “How can we make it so that we not only create but also allow for new ideas to more quickly permeate reality?”

Well, reduction of government regulation spurs on entrepreneurship and innovation in the market place, so temporarily suspending laws of physics would allow for this. We could jump into another dimension that would allow us to experiment, or we could or we could create another world to try out our concepts and ideas.

And really, what is Augmented or Virtual Reality really? A created environment other than the actual experience in our current space and thus, consider Second Life in holographic 3D for instance, or a living room “CAGE” video game system or a simulator. Then save it. Just like the concept of “life log” or capturing a total life experience, but in this way documenting thought, especially brilliant original thoughts (Searchable on Google of course).

My acquaintance then said; “The problem is not with the thought-swapping itself, the problem is with what comes in its wake!”

Okay, but would it be any more disruptive than social networks spewing out nonsense, Twitter, or other technologies of the past? And if folks could thought-swap, it might prevent a lot of the “under the cincinnati bengals t shirt ” sweeping societies do, and help us all become more empathetic, understanding, and reasonable about what we do, how we act, and what we think. So, think on that.

write by Daria

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